Thursday, March 31, 2011


I get approached alot about my iphone. The reason being is that i love my iphone. Well not like i love my family or kids well almost .This  true elegant and true smartphone is a thing of beauty .My every day life is incorporated in the phone.From my parking space to music, navigation, to sometimes even what i want to wear. Now i know theres alot of other brands with different software but none seems as simple as the iphone .I mean the blackberry and the andriods nice but its no iphone . One button functionality makes it marvelous. A nice touch screen with the retina display makes even bad pictures look good.. My iphone has also helped me to be more organized when i don't have my laptop around. Folders for files notepad it does everthing i need it to do plus more . I have owned every model except for verizon but i know its still just as great.  Im not saying the iphone will save the world but i think if everyone owned one the world would be a better place.